Hello from Heidi Jo


I’m about halfway into my first cup of coffee, so I’m almost human. You’ll get to know me more as I write more, but I thought I’d share my goals for this blog.

  1. To share my thoughts while keeping things mostly light and fun.
  2. To develop good blogging habits such as not letting six months go by without a post.
  3. To violate grammar rules unintentionally. (Seriously, if you can’t handle my way of writing like I speak, I’m not your cup of coffee)

So, pour a cup, sit back and enjoy this journey with me!

Things I think I’ll write about in this blog:

  1. My love of making lists.
  2. Parenting a ‘teens and tweens. Both girls.
  3. Housekeeping hits and misses
  4. Home décor on a budget
  5. Recipes that interest me
  6. My weight journey (loss, gain, loss)
  7. Marriage
  8. Navigating friendship as an adult
  9. Being a working mom and stay home mom (I’ve done both)20160411_092957.jpg

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