My 21 Day Experiment

In keeping with my commitment to be an honest blogger, I have a confession to make.


I’m hooked on facebook.


That’s right, a 30-something year old grown a** woman is acting like a 13 year old junior high girl and constantly checking her phone to see if she has more likes or comments. Like my self esteem depends on it.

Ugh, my self esteem might depend on it.

So, to break this addiction. And after a convicting sermon about social media and hashtags (I go to a really cool church), I’ve decided the only way to break the addiction is to go cold turkey.

I know from all my healthy eating tries (I’m being super successful right now, I’ll share more in another post) one thing I’ve learned is that it takes 21 days to break a habit.

So…..I’m off facebook for 21 days.

Yesterday I deleted the app on my phone. And I posted one of those super annoying “OK friends, I’m missing out on real life because my face is stuck on my phone” posts. Just because last time I took a break from the facebook was based on a bet between the Hubs and me and my last post for a month was “Going on a date with my sweet love”. Which prompted a few texts from friends when they realized they hadn’t seen me on fb for a few days. I’m glad I have friends who care about my safety.

So, here goes… one of breaking the habit.

Usually, I wake up  I drag my (un)happy butt out of bed at 7am (only because Emma has to get up then to get ready for school, I NEED my beauty sleep, people), stumble downstairs, make coffee, and sit down with my phone to check up on facebook. I do take a shower, get dressed, make my bed (most the time) and do general mommy things (like yelling: I SAID BRUSH YOUR HAIR AND TEETH) . But people, I leave for work at 10am, and I realize I’ve effectively wasted the better part of three hours on the fb.

Three hours friends.

UGH. The shame of admitting that.

So, this morning I found myself with some extra time.

I thought, hmmm, I’ve always meant to be better about blogging. But I haven’t updated my last blog since September (I think). And I don’t remember my password to the blog or the email I set up specifically for the blog. Again, the shame.

So, I thought I’d start a new blog, but do things differently this time. First I thought I’d do a blog to chronicle my 21 days w/out fb. But I didn’t want to lock myslef into consistently blogging every single day for 21 whole days. So I thought to myself I have other interesting things about me that people are obviously dying to read about, so I’ll start a new blog that’s just generally about me, not locking me into a pigeonhole.

So far, it’s going really well, and I’ve already spent less time on it that I typically spend on FB each morning.

I’ve found myself having an inner dialogue about how to fb status update various parts of my day. Then I wonder, have I been doing this for awhile? Maybe I’m super annoying (Olivia, 13, would toats agree). Maybe I’m going to break a few bad habits.

How ’bout you? What habit should you probably give up?



happy birthday

Oh, a sidenote: Happy Happy Birthday to one of the best friends out there. (Because I can’t post on FB) (I guess I could text her)




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