A new job…eeeek!!!

I unexpectedly got a new job this week. 

Last year, I was a recess teacher for the local school district.  I enjoyed it.  I loved seeing the kids, being part of a wonderful team of educators, taking supplemental assignments in the kindergarten classes. 

 But being outside 4.5 hours a day in heat, ice, rain, sleet….not so much (I would make a terrible terrible mail carrier).

I longed to get into a classroom.  Not even be the teacher, just a support. But alas my level of education prohibits that in a school district setting. 

But my new job?!? I’m lead teacher in a private preschool.  My almost but  not quite associates degree is enough credits if I can prove I’m enrolled in A CDA  (child development associate) program.  Wooooooohoooooo

Mama’s got her own classroom again. 

So now I’m obsessed with pinterest. Checking out class decor, room arrangement ideas, fun projects, etc.

So, this year I’m working full time. I’m going to need lots of advice on how to balance it all while staying sane.  I have a feeling lots of coffee will be recommended😉.

So until next time

-Heidi Jo


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