Last dayof my summer break: Does everyone have clean underwear?

Today is my last day before I start my new job. 

It’s been wonderful.  We’ve been to 2 different camps (liv went to 3), enjoyed the pool, day trips exploring our area, a camping trip, VBS, late nights with friends, binge watching Chuck on netflix, sleeping in, grilling 90% of our food, and cleaning out the garage. 

I’m really excited to get into my new routine, meet  the faculty, see the kids, and most of all decorate!

The educational director (ED) has it set up so I do a rolling start so I’ll be working 4 hour days until my kids stay school on the 31st. Then bam….full time. 

I’m pretty organized about how the house runs.  I’m gray at meal planning, routine and making sure the girls have responsibilities.  We already do a family chore time every (ish) Saturday.  So I’m not too worried about keeping the house going.  

I just seem to have added extra night time responsibilities this year.  I’m going to be mentoring/discipling a gal who was baptized last week, we’re adding a small group to our house in October and the normal commitment of youth group/kids club begins soon. (We live 37 miles in heavy portland traffic from church).

So I just need to remember when I’m totally stressed out that my new definition of success is answering the following questions with a resounding yes:

1. Did I spend time with Jesus while drinking my coffee today?

2. Does everyone have clean underwear?

3. Did everyone eat dinner today?

You know, the important stuff!

I need more cute mugs.  Thrift stores here I come!

Have a grand day

-Heidi Jo


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