The pool adventure continues

We bought a new pool.  We researched, measured, comparison shopped, and found the perfect one. Even better, it was an opened package so it was deeply discounted.

The girls helped put  it together.



Yes.  It takes up all of our grass.
The girls look happy  though.


I see a summer of fun ahead! I even bought myself a floatie and have enjoyed some pool time.


Adventures of a Backyard Pool

20160510_064221.jpgFor the last few summers we’ve enjoyed a  small above ground pool in our backyard. Last year we bought a new one. The only one we could find in a middle of a heat wave that would fit our 17×17 patch of grass was 12×36. Seeing that my daughter is almost 5’5″, this summer it would have been interesting to see her try to swim in it.

But, alas, we are a frugal family, choosing to live off of one income in the summer months due to my school district job and desire to play all summer, so I set up the tiny pool. The girls were excited and I let them play in the pool before adding any chemicals to it.

It was a fun night. The neighbor girl came over and played, we cooked burgers on the grill, and just enjoyed the simplicity of backyard family time.

That was Saturday night. Fast forward to Monday morning. Liv wanted to check the chlorine and ph levels of the pool. Since she’s 13 and has handled mere complex things in science class, I figured she would make an excellent pool girl this summer. I sent her outside to begin her new responsibility. She  rushed back in the house with a look of panic on her face. The pool had lost half its water.

I went out to investigate, and found several places in the seams that water was leaking from. Then, the pool imploded and water went everywhere. Our tiny pool was no more.