21 days Facebook free

I made it the 21 days.  Honestly I have little desire to look at Facebook again,  except to get my pictures.

Things I’ve learned or noticed these 21 days:

1. I have amazing friends who keep in contact with me even without social media.
2. I’m more relaxed.
3. It feels good to not constantly be checking in, afraid I’m missing something.
4. I do miss seeing my friends pictures.
5. Face to face time with people has been amazing.
6. I can enjoy events and be present without sharing pictures.
7. I’ve read two 900+ page books.
8. It’s nice not having my face in my phone.
9. My laundry and housework are still behind. I don’t think I’ll ever successfully keep up with that stuff.
10. I wish I could think of 21 things but this will have to do.

So if you are one of my real life friends reading this, let’s do coffee!