Afternoon Coffee

Today was Take Your Child To Work Day. A day my children look forward to all year. This year, Emma went to school with me and Olivia went to church with Mike.

Emma decided she liked helping the cute kids in kindergarten (I’m an aid for 1 hr every morning) and she liked being a recess teacher (especially the whistle) but her most favorite part?

The dessert bar in the teachers lounge.

See, this year, TYCTWD coincided with staff appreciation at my school. She now thinks there is always a dessert bar in our teachers lounge. I can just hear the playground conversations with her friends tomorrow.  “They get dessert whenever they want. There were brownies, lemon bars, chocolate, jelly beans. Yes, teachers lounges are awesome! I’m so going to be a recess teacher when I grow up, all you can eat dessert and all day recess.”

So, this afternoon, I’m especially wiped out after 1 hour of kindergarten and 4 hours on the playground (12,000 steps according to my app), and resisting a dessert bar, so to perk myself up I made some iced coffee.